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Posted in Uncategorized by Tom on February 6, 2010
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So, the big game is tomorrow. Actually, it’s just a regular sized game as far as I’m concerned. I’m sure if some big Saints or Colts fan saw this they’d be like “No asdfgjfkdg!!!!!?!?11?!” Oh well. I don’t really care about either team. I’m kinda neutral on both. If I had to pick an alliance, though, I’d root for the Colts. Why? Because we’re not in Communist China and I can have my own opinion. The Colts seem like the underdogs to me, so I’ll give them a shot. Now if the Patriots or Cowboys were playing it’d be a whole different story. They’re my teams. The most exciting part about tomorrow will be the potentially funny commercials, the food, the drink, and the company. And if the Saints lose I’m SO going to rub it in somebody’s face… just because I can… ha!

Now, the question goes out to you’s guys… Colts or Saints?


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  1. mrgrosky said,

    Actually, you do have freedom of speech—but in the name of truth and accuracy, the Colts are definitly NOT the underdog–they are the strong favorites–by about 5 1/2 points. That’s one of the reasons I want the Saints to win—plus the Saints have NEVER won—PLUS the New Orleans area is still rebounding from Hurricane Katrina and they NEED this victory. For my own prediction, please check out my WordPress blog:

  2. Tom said,

    Well, like I said… I don’t really care for the Colts or the Saints, so I don’t really care to keep up with their stats. Whatever the case may be, I’m still gonna pull for the Colts.

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