Muses by Tom

Damnit, global warming…

After a long week of being studious, I am back. Huzzah!

So I can’t help but notice it’s been snowing… a lot. I knew the northeast part of the country was gonna get slammed but I underestimated the snowfall for down south where I am. The past few times they’ve announced winter weather/snow warnings this year we’ve had nothing.  I’m kind of glad to see it, but also kind of not.  I just want spring to get here at this point. Also, if my college is going to keep canceling classes, they need to do it on days I am there… not on fridays when I am tucked in and passed out in dreamland. The first week of school they canceled a lot of days in a row, which was a good call at first, but towards the end it got to be kind of precautionary. They announced snow, closed campus…. and nothing happened.  Because of that, I have been driving to and from campus, and walking around on campus in hail, sleet, freezing rain, and snow (not all at once, of course). I think they think the weather man is crying wolf now so they’re holding on until last minute, and then holding on some more. When they do close campus though, it’s always on a friday wen only 2 people are there any way. Maybe they need to start canceling the evening classes that end the same time as the roads start freezing and not make me potentially risk my life. Maybe that’s a little dramatic but still. Anyways, I digress… it has been kind of nice to see a bit of snow, and I am surprised at how much we got down here, but now it needs to go away so spring can arrive.

Tomorrow is VD day. ugh. What a sham of a holiday that is. I’m not just saying that because I’m a bitter, single, anti-romance guy. I really think it is the dumbest excuse for a holiday. Ever. And I feel bad for all the people who get sucked into it. It’s just another day, February 14. Thank you, card companies for making people go crazy and think they need to spend all their money and be completely materialistic.  You’ve already turned Christmas into a holiday like that, do you really  need to do more damage?


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