Muses by Tom


Posted in Uncategorized by Tom on February 25, 2010

Well, I was wrong. When I said I wasn’t feeling that stressed at the beginning of the week, I should have waited about a day longer.  I woke up Tuesday and all the stress hit me like a ton of bricks. Everything just sank in all at once. Eek. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling at all. I pretty much spent all my free time on Tuesday working and literally all day and night Wednesday working and well, everything was due today. I still have some lesser assignments to work on but I just cannot get myself to do it today. I am mentally exhausted. I need a day or two to let my brain slow down a bit.

I’m sitting in the library right now and no one is around, and it’s super quiet, and I’m bored. I’ve already been here for an hour and my next class doesn’t start until 7pm. I could work on one of my weekend assignments, but like I said, my brain can’t even fathom doing more work right now. I’ve overloaded it too much this week. I wish it was actually warm outside so I could go do something or drive around or something. Grrr.

I don’t really have anything else constructive to say but I just wanted to update this and kill five minutes or so. Mission accomplished, I guess. *Le sigh.*


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