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Gotta be somebody’s blues

Posted in Uncategorized by Tom on April 23, 2010
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Yeah so I’m pretty down today. I’m completely stressed over finals, which is bad enough, but I also have a lot of other unwanted stress peeping its head in to my life as well.

I think I’ve done a good job on finals so far, and in preparing for them too. But still, finals is always a very stressful time for me given the classes I’ve been taking the past year. I can’t wait for it all to be over– then I can relax for a few weeks before lame summer classes start. Oh well.

One thing that really pisses me off beyond belief is being judged who someone who has never met me, seen me, spoken to me, or had ANY interaction with me whatsoever. Yet  they decide they have the right to make a judgment call on who I am, what I want, what I’m about. No. I don’t put up with stuff like that. I’m not naming names or anything but this person just… needs to wake up, seriously. Not only has it pissed me off, you’ve made the people you love pretty miserable too. Good job.

Today was supposed to be a good day, but due to those circumstances I now have no plans and nothing to do. I’ve studied plenty for my last final tomorrow and I’m sitting here twiddling my thumbs thinking of what I could be doing. Whatever.

Maybe today isn’t a good day for a blog, afterall.


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