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Posted in Music,Writing by Tom on May 27, 2010
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I feel like updating again, so that is what I shall do. I have a lot on my mind tonight and I’m in a very contemplative mood. It’s nights like this where I have trouble sleeping, so maybe if I clear my head now I can avoid that. Who knows? If nothing else, hopefully I’ll at least distract myself a bit.

I’m not gonna go into everything that is on my mind because A) I don’t wanna sound like a whiny little emo kid, and B) There’s just some things you don’t want everyone (and certain other people) to read. Cool? Anyways. Writing can be relaxing sometimes, just kinda exploring what’s in my head and making it appear on my screen. Good stuff, really.

It’s pretty amazing to me the profound affect music can have on an individual. It can drastically alter one’s mood in a heart beat. From bad to good, from good to pumped up or depressed; it’s pretty amazing. I’ve always had a love for music. It just speaks to me and sometimes says what I cannot. Playing music is also something I value a great deal. Being able to express myself musically is very valuable and important to me. Indeed a great gift to have. The gift of being able to play music and the gift of having an insane imagination have spilled out into my two passions. Music and writing. I’ve always wanted to combine these two passions. I’d absolutely love to be a music journalist, or a writer for a music magazine, a contributor, anything. A dream of mine would be to work for Rolling Stone. It seems like a silly dream, like still wanting to be a rock star, but really, I would love to have a career that combines my love of music with my fondness of writing. I guess I’ll have to keep writing and writing and hoping I can get my foot in the door somehow. Anyone here have any good connections? Send ’em my way :).

Okay well I don’t have anything else wholesome that I really want to talk about so I’ll wrap this up.



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