Muses by Tom

Who’s dyin’ now?

So I thought last year was pretty crazy with celebrity deaths. We had Michael Jackson, Billy Mays, Farah Fawcett, and Brittany Murphy. This year, though, we’ve seen four celebrity deaths in the month of May alone. First Ronnie James Dio passed away, then Brittany Murphy‘s husband died, then Paul Gray (bass player for Slipknot) was found dead, and today Gary Coleman unfortunately died. What’s going on here? Is death on a mission to kill off a random batch of celebrities each summer? It kinda sucks, to say the least. Whoever said deaths come in threes was wrong this time, we’ve just seen four and summer is barely here yet. Who’s next? When I found out that Dio and Paul Gray were dead, I honestly thought Bret Michaels would be the third person and that it would be a threesome of metal deaths. I mean, Bret has been in and out of the hospital a lot recently. For the record, I am glad he isn’t dead. Let’s keep it that way, yes?

Speaking of death, what do you guys make of assisted suicide?  Random, I know, but it was a topic that was covered in my death and dying class last week. I have mixed feelings about the topic. I mean, if someone has grown old and sick and has a terminal illness, do they have the right to be able to say they don’t want to live any more? If someone’s life has no value any more and they are only going to live out the rest of their days in pain and suffering, then I think they should be able to have the right to be euthanized, assuming they know both ends of the argument for and against and have consulted their loved ones thoroughly. I don’t think just anybody should be entitled to euthanasia, though. There should be parameters. I.e. terminal illness with no hope for a cure, no value of life, constant pain and suffering, things like that. I’m no expert, that’s just my opinion. Assisted suicide is legal in Oregon and in regions of Europe like the Netherlands, but should it be legal elsewhere? Yes? No? Maybe so? What do you think?


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