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Bamboozle showdown

Recently, at the Bamboozle Roadshow in Texas, security officials maced several fans when the crowd got “out of hand.” According to reports from concert attendees, fans rushed the stage during pop punk band All Time Low‘s final song and as a result, got a face full of mace.  When this happened, the band immediately left the stage in protest of the actions. (Original story here:

All Time Low frontman Alex Gaskarth tweeted his reaction, saying “I don’t care how rowdy a crowd of kids are, there is absolutely no excuse for the police at SIX FLAGS to spray mace in our fans faces.” He went on to say, “That kind of protocol is insane for an all ages show at a theme park.”

Boys Like Girls frontman Martin Johnson backed up ATL by saying, “you mace our fans you f*cking die. bands locked on busses for defending helpless fans getting MACED for having a great time at a rock show. i dare security to come backstage.” He also released the name of the officer who maced fans.

The bands were allegedly locked on their tour buses after the incident. Six Flags banned All Time Low from playing other dates on the Bamboozle Roadshow after they defended their fans and spoke out against the irresponsibility of park officials.

Question is.. do you guys think security over reacted?



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