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Unrest in peace

Posted in Celebrities,News by Tom on June 4, 2010
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Everyone knows that Gary Coleman had a pretty tough life. He was in the spotlight constantly and bad luck/drama seemed to follow him wherever he went. Dude’s been dead ten minutes and the attention is right back on him. Coleman’s parents kicked off when they were cut out of their son’s will.  They  have since officially changed their minds  and will not pick a fight over the will–the will which they were left out of.  Looks like Gary doesn’t want you guys mooching.

Can we finally let the fella rest in peace?

Full story here:


2 Responses to 'Unrest in peace'

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  1. Denise said,

    I feel sorry for his folks; the loss of a child (regardless of his/her age) can be devastating. Coleman’s ex-wife is another story. She’s selling photos of him on his death bed. Give the guy some respect.

    • Tom said,

      I feel bad for this dude. His whole life has been one thing after another and now he’s still being pulled apart. I have no positive words for his ex-wife. She lacks common decency and respect. She needs help.

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