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It’s your turn! – Contest

Posted in Writing by Tom on June 19, 2010
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Alright, readers. You’ve heard me babble on and on in my blog about anything and everything, and I was thinking now it’s your turn. I’m creating a contest and I want you all to enter.  I want to hear what you guys have to say. The contest is not hard and there will be a prize at the end for the winner(s).

Here it is. I want you to put your thinking caps on and get typing. I want you to write something based on the following line: “He left her with a sense of longing– one that could never be fulfilled. As the night drew to a close, she knew exactly what she had to do.” It can be a short story, a poem, or anything else of your choosing. This can be the very first line of your piece, the very last, or it can appear somewhere in the middle. It’s completely up to you! So long as your piece includes that line and makes sense, you’re good to go. There are only two rules for this contest. 1) Be creative and 2) Be original! You can submit your entry as a comment and I will pick one or two winners when the contest is closed.

By now you probably want to know what the prize is? I don’t blame you. Right now the prize is still TBD, but I can guarantee it will be something spectacular. As well as the main prize, the winner will most likely get a shout out in and be featured in my next book.

You have all the details, now get writing! The contest will be open until July 20, 2010. All that being said, there’s just one more thing I need to say. GO!!


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  1. MCohen said,

    Found a fun contest here:


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