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Is Whiteley Foxy enough?

Posted in Celebrities,Entertainment by Tom on June 25, 2010
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Pictures from the set of Transformers 3 surfaced last week, giving us our first glimpse of the stunning Megan Fox‘s replacement, Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. While Whiteley does a good job of standing around looking pretty, she can’t fill the shoes of Fox, who revealed recently that she would not be doing any more Transformers movies. Rosie can definitely pull off the look-sexy-while-staring-off-in-to-space look, but she doesn’t quite hold a flame to our beloved Megan Fox.  She certainly has the looks, but it just isn’t the same.

Personally I don’t think the VS model was the best choice to fill Megan Fox’s shoes, but we shall see when the movie hits the big screen. RH-W is not nearly as recognizable as Fox, and I think that will definitely show in the end.  Transformers is still sure to succeed though, I mean, come on, it’s Transformers!


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