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Arizona music boycott

Posted in Celebrities,News by Tom on July 1, 2010
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Tom Morello (of Rage Against The Machine fame) has boycotted playing in Arizona in protest of the state’s SB 1070 legislation. This law allows police to actively seek out and question people they “reasonably suspect” to be in the country illegally. In other words, AZ is allowing racial profiling.

More than 300 artists including Chris Rock, Cypress Hill, Kanye West, Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against the Machine, Rise Against, and Tenacious D have Joined Morello, refusing to play in Arizona until the legislation has been overturned.

For a complete list of the artists involved with the boycott and for more information, visit The Sound Strike‘s official website. If you feel inclined to do so, you can also sign the petition against SB 1070.


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