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Posted in Uncategorized by Tom on July 20, 2010
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So I know it’s been a while since I actually posted a personal blog here that was related to me. I’ve been busy with a lot of things and I’ve been finding my “blog niche” and keeping that on the front lines of my blogging lately. I just thought I would take a second and write about what’s going on with me, though, and let you all know what I’ve been up to. Cool?

Well since my first book got published over the winter and made it to Amazon (HUGE thanks to everyone who picked up a copy–you’re the best!), I’ve been working on some new ideas. I’m planning on my next work being a novel, or at the least, a novella. Since I starting churning out ideas though, I came to find that I had a lot more than I realized. A lot of these ideas fit together and fell nicely into my main project, but some ideas were just… unique. They were separate ideas that demanded their very own expansion and time. I of course wrote these ideas down and made something of them. Some of these ideas I feel are good enough to spend a lot more time on than originally planned. That being said, I’m re-imagining my game plan. I would like to put out one full work this time rather than a collection, but hey, who am I to say where my ideas will take me? I may wind up with a book of short stories, or I could wind up with my novella. We shall see. From a writing stand point, that is about where I am right now.  Whatever the case may be, my aim right now is to have my next work out before the end of the year.

What else? I suppose I should mention college stuff, eh? My summer classes are drawing to an end. In just nine long days, I will be free for two or three weeks before Fall semester begins. This also means my internship with the University Press of North Georgia will be over, as well. I have really enjoyed my time interning this summer. I feel like I have learned a lot of personal as well as professional skills that will take me far. I don’t want to jump the gun, but I could see myself doing this type of work post-college. Speaking of post-college, that idea doesn’t seem as far off as it once did.  I’m on track to graduate December 2010 and I am stoked. I can’t wait to be out of school. After 20+ years of school I am ready for a break. I am still debating whether or not I should go for my Masters degree, but let’s take one thing at a time. I just want to get my undergraduate degree taken care of right now.

What else? I feel like I’ve had very little summer this year. I have done quite a lot, and what I have done has been fun, but I feel like school has been my main focus this summer, which is not cool. I’m definitely going to enjoy my mini-summer vacation before classes start again. Anyways. That’s about all that I can think of right now. If there’s anything else that pops into my mind I will update, but if not this will do :).

Hope I didn’t ramble too much, and remember to come back soon for more new, crazy awesome stuff. And if you still haven’t subscribed for some unorthodox reason, DO IT NOW!


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