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I tell you what…

Oh man. Have you guys ever been on that website, Well yesterday I felt like all those people had migrated from Walmart to Atlanta Motor Speedway. The NASCAR Sprint Cup race was in ATL yesterday and I was there… along with ATL’s finest rednecks. It’s all good, though, I had a laugh or two.

So we got to AMS at around 1:30 yesterday afternoon and set up the folding chairs, threw a burger on the grill and opened some cold beers to begin our tailgaiting festivities. It was SO hot to be tailgaiting (I have the awesome lobster look going on today to prove it), but it was fun times with good people. We just chilled and took in the sights for a couple of hours before making our way to the track. We walked in the sweltering sun for what felt like 20 miles to the entrance, got in, and began exploring. All the merch trailers were set up so we went and checked those out, making sure to check out my favourites Kyle Busch and Tony Stewart, as well as the hottest person to grace a racetrack, Danica Patrick (although she wasn’t racing last night).

Anyways, after wandering around for a while, we went up to our seats and opened another cold one. The view was pretty awesome–we were right at turn 3. Those jets that fly over the track at the beginning of every race are SO LOUD! The race started around 7:30 PM and Busch was in 3rd place, Stewart in 5th. Good news for me. After about 100 laps or so I started to go deaf from the noise. There were no real wrecks during the race but a few drivers spun out, sending a smoke screen up over the track. The smoke was so thick and the smell of burning rubber was intense. This happened about 3 times, but there were also a number of unnecessary cautions due to “debris” on the track. More like Stewart was so far in the lead and was dominating everyone that they wanted to pull him back… and again… and again.

After a three or so hour race and 325 laps later, Stewart crossed the line first to pick up the victory, much to my excitement. He drove great all night and earned the win. After all the celebration we stay put to let the crowd die down a bit before we made our way out. As were leaving, though, we saw a girl right outside the gate puking her guts out. Classy, right? We hit the parking lot and decided we could either sit in the car in traffic for an hour, or we could fire up the grill again and open more beer. We chose the latter. It was past 1:30 AM when we finally decided to pack up and make our way home. Everyone was tired and sunburned (some  more than others… cough, cough) and ready to hit the road.

As much as I make fun of the redneck debauchery and hickness of NASCAR, it is pretty fun to go and see, and you really get an appreciation of how fast the cars are going when they whiz past you at 200mph. I had a lot of fun at my first NASCAR race and I’d definitely go again. Despite the sunburn.


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