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A decade of decadence

I’ve been so busy with school and all that jazz lately that my blogging has been becoming less frequent. I just wanted to make sure I logged in and left an update for all you folks to read, though. You know, because I know how much everyone loves my blog and all. Anyways. Something pretty significant happened/passed this week.

Yesterday, August 31, was the ten year anniversary of me living in America. Ah, scary! I cannot believe how fast the past ten years have gone by. When I moved here I was just a kid, I was 12, and now I’m getting ready to graduate with my BA. Time truly flies. I still remember how I felt, though, when I first came over here to Connecticut from Wales in 2000. I was scared, nervous, anxious, and knew I didn’t want to be here. I didn’t want to be the new kid. Lucky for me though, I was accepted with open arms as an eighth grader (the word eighth looks weird to me.. just a thought). I was the talk of the lunchroom and all the cliques wanted me to be a part of them.

After that came the awkward “nobody gets me” high school years full of rebellion, rage, and rocking out. Yeah, I was a legit hot topic kid to the max, and I was in a kickass band. I went from playing the tenor horn in Wales to picking up a pair of drumsticks in CT. Thanks to that feat, music has become such an enormous part of my life and I truly don’t know where I’d be without it. High school was pretty good for me, I’d say… except for 12th grade. Normally senior year is supposed to be the best of the four (so they say), but for me it sucked.

I finished my junior year at New Milford High in 2004 and then pretty much moved right down to GA, leaving everything behind. I found this move to be worse than the move from home.  Moving from Wales to America was an adventure, something brand new and exciting. Moving to Georgia, though, was something I didn’t want to do. Going in to 12th grade as a new kid is just as awful as it sounds. Everyone was already in their little groups and I was just an outsider. I was an awkward 16 year old anyways, so putting me in this situation was destined to be nothing short of it. South Forsyth High School was nothing but awful to me and for me. I wouldn’t wish that school on my worst enemy. I was singled out by teachers and administration for not conforming to their standards (basically, I was a total badass). I wasn’t a rich, spoiled, coke-selling, collar-popping, pink shirt-wearing preppy driving around in my dad’s brand new Mercedes, so therefore I was deemed a target by them. Oh well, I made it out alive.

I made it through college with a lot of patience and determination, and after five years all that is paying off. After starting writing at the age of 10 as just a hobby, I am now graduating with a degree in English. Who would’ve guessed it? Not me…

Being here has changed me so much, and more has happened to me than I could even begin to put in this blog (good and bad), but it is because of being here, I believe, that all of this has happened.

I won’t give you my entire life story here because it’s a blog and it’d take up soooo much space and take you forever to read. Here’s what you need to know, however. I have been here ten years, and these ten years have shaped me tremendously.  While I am thankful for all the opportunities I have been presented with while being here and all the great people I’ve met, I’m still a Brit. I am still Welsh and stand proud to be from Wales. I don’t know what  the future will hold for me, I really don’t, I just hope it’s as exciting and exhilarating as the last ten years.

Thanks to everything that has happened to me over the last ten years, I am now a musician, a writer, a published author, a college student, and very nearly a college graduate. I would like to thank every single person who has come in to my life over this period of time and made me who I am today.

With that said, I will sign off and let you read on :).


Catch and release

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Well damn. I’ve been so busy lately. So busy I neglected my blog for a little while. Oh well, life goes on. I’ve had a lot on my plate. A lot of papers, a lot of research, a lot of thinking to do.

I’ve grown, once again, as a person I believe, and have recently come to terms with a lot of things. Letting go of people and things that are beyond my control. In the past I would’ve tried to hold on as long as I could and smother something in order not to lose it. I was the captain who graciously went down with his burning ship. That’s not me now, though. I’m done being that idiot.  I’ve come to terms with the fact that life goes on. Well, I’ve always been on terms with that, but I guess now I accept it and let it happen without trying to interject. Life changes, people change, I change. I like who I’ve become. I went through a phase where I didn’t know who I was–I didn’t recognize myself anymore. I didn’t know what I wanted, what I was doing, where I was going. I was yeah… I’m gonna stop there. I managed to bitch slap some sense in to myself though and not a moment too soon. Life is better now. And I’m proud to say I’m the one who did it. I made myself change, not for someone else or for some other motive but because I willingly decided I was done acting like a selfish, greedy, anus.

Good things are happening, a lot of exciting things. And while a lot of people and things are leaving my life who/that I care about a lot, I’m okay with the change this time. Let’s do it. Time for the next inning. I’m up at bat and I’m gonna hit a homer. Yeah that analogy was gay but whatever.

Why did I just type all that? That wasn’t the direction I was going to take this blog in at all. Hmmm.

I spent the afternoon today storyboarding for my next book. I have so many ideas running around my head, and now they’re all written down for the most part. I’m psyched to get this next book done, published, and read! I’m hoping by the summer it can all be done. Then it’s on to the next one. Ah the life of a starving author. HA!

Anyways. I’m outtie. Gonna go read a bit and drink some tea. So leave me comments, or not, I’ll  live either way.