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Choose Your Fate

Posted in Music,News by Tom on October 29, 2010
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Escape The Fate‘s new self-titled album, which is set for release on November 2, is now available for streaming at the band’s Myspace page. This is the band’s first major label release with Interscope Records. Craig Mabbitt and the boys have definitely changed up their game on this album, which sounds nothing like the album that first launched them on to the scene (2006’s Dying is Your Latest Fashion feat. Ronnie Radke). ETF will be touring through Noember 7 before taking a week off and heading to Europe. In a recent interview, the band stated that this is the album that “defines” who they are.


A decade of decadence

I’ve been so busy with school and all that jazz lately that my blogging has been becoming less frequent. I just wanted to make sure I logged in and left an update for all you folks to read, though. You know, because I know how much everyone loves my blog and all. Anyways. Something pretty significant happened/passed this week.

Yesterday, August 31, was the ten year anniversary of me living in America. Ah, scary! I cannot believe how fast the past ten years have gone by. When I moved here I was just a kid, I was 12, and now I’m getting ready to graduate with my BA. Time truly flies. I still remember how I felt, though, when I first came over here to Connecticut from Wales in 2000. I was scared, nervous, anxious, and knew I didn’t want to be here. I didn’t want to be the new kid. Lucky for me though, I was accepted with open arms as an eighth grader (the word eighth looks weird to me.. just a thought). I was the talk of the lunchroom and all the cliques wanted me to be a part of them.

After that came the awkward “nobody gets me” high school years full of rebellion, rage, and rocking out. Yeah, I was a legit hot topic kid to the max, and I was in a kickass band. I went from playing the tenor horn in Wales to picking up a pair of drumsticks in CT. Thanks to that feat, music has become such an enormous part of my life and I truly don’t know where I’d be without it. High school was pretty good for me, I’d say… except for 12th grade. Normally senior year is supposed to be the best of the four (so they say), but for me it sucked.

I finished my junior year at New Milford High in 2004 and then pretty much moved right down to GA, leaving everything behind. I found this move to be worse than the move from home.  Moving from Wales to America was an adventure, something brand new and exciting. Moving to Georgia, though, was something I didn’t want to do. Going in to 12th grade as a new kid is just as awful as it sounds. Everyone was already in their little groups and I was just an outsider. I was an awkward 16 year old anyways, so putting me in this situation was destined to be nothing short of it. South Forsyth High School was nothing but awful to me and for me. I wouldn’t wish that school on my worst enemy. I was singled out by teachers and administration for not conforming to their standards (basically, I was a total badass). I wasn’t a rich, spoiled, coke-selling, collar-popping, pink shirt-wearing preppy driving around in my dad’s brand new Mercedes, so therefore I was deemed a target by them. Oh well, I made it out alive.

I made it through college with a lot of patience and determination, and after five years all that is paying off. After starting writing at the age of 10 as just a hobby, I am now graduating with a degree in English. Who would’ve guessed it? Not me…

Being here has changed me so much, and more has happened to me than I could even begin to put in this blog (good and bad), but it is because of being here, I believe, that all of this has happened.

I won’t give you my entire life story here because it’s a blog and it’d take up soooo much space and take you forever to read. Here’s what you need to know, however. I have been here ten years, and these ten years have shaped me tremendously.  While I am thankful for all the opportunities I have been presented with while being here and all the great people I’ve met, I’m still a Brit. I am still Welsh and stand proud to be from Wales. I don’t know what  the future will hold for me, I really don’t, I just hope it’s as exciting and exhilarating as the last ten years.

Thanks to everything that has happened to me over the last ten years, I am now a musician, a writer, a published author, a college student, and very nearly a college graduate. I would like to thank every single person who has come in to my life over this period of time and made me who I am today.

With that said, I will sign off and let you read on :).

New Anberlin

Posted in Music by Tom on June 6, 2010
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A brand new Anberlin track entitled We Owe This to Ourselves has been made available on lead singer Stephen Christian’s blog.  This is a live version of the track so the quality isn’t perfect, but it gets the job done. Stephen’s vocals sound great, though, and it reminds me of something that would be on the Cities album. Very catchy tune. Anberlin’s new CD will be out Septermber 21, 2010. One can only imagine the rest of the album will be just as good. Anberlin never disappoints.

Check out the video below or head to Stephen Christian’s blog to check out the video there and read the lyrics.

Bamboozle showdown

Recently, at the Bamboozle Roadshow in Texas, security officials maced several fans when the crowd got “out of hand.” According to reports from concert attendees, fans rushed the stage during pop punk band All Time Low‘s final song and as a result, got a face full of mace.  When this happened, the band immediately left the stage in protest of the actions. (Original story here:

All Time Low frontman Alex Gaskarth tweeted his reaction, saying “I don’t care how rowdy a crowd of kids are, there is absolutely no excuse for the police at SIX FLAGS to spray mace in our fans faces.” He went on to say, “That kind of protocol is insane for an all ages show at a theme park.”

Boys Like Girls frontman Martin Johnson backed up ATL by saying, “you mace our fans you f*cking die. bands locked on busses for defending helpless fans getting MACED for having a great time at a rock show. i dare security to come backstage.” He also released the name of the officer who maced fans.

The bands were allegedly locked on their tour buses after the incident. Six Flags banned All Time Low from playing other dates on the Bamboozle Roadshow after they defended their fans and spoke out against the irresponsibility of park officials.

Question is.. do you guys think security over reacted?


Automatic eyes

Posted in Music,Writing by Tom on May 27, 2010
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I feel like updating again, so that is what I shall do. I have a lot on my mind tonight and I’m in a very contemplative mood. It’s nights like this where I have trouble sleeping, so maybe if I clear my head now I can avoid that. Who knows? If nothing else, hopefully I’ll at least distract myself a bit.

I’m not gonna go into everything that is on my mind because A) I don’t wanna sound like a whiny little emo kid, and B) There’s just some things you don’t want everyone (and certain other people) to read. Cool? Anyways. Writing can be relaxing sometimes, just kinda exploring what’s in my head and making it appear on my screen. Good stuff, really.

It’s pretty amazing to me the profound affect music can have on an individual. It can drastically alter one’s mood in a heart beat. From bad to good, from good to pumped up or depressed; it’s pretty amazing. I’ve always had a love for music. It just speaks to me and sometimes says what I cannot. Playing music is also something I value a great deal. Being able to express myself musically is very valuable and important to me. Indeed a great gift to have. The gift of being able to play music and the gift of having an insane imagination have spilled out into my two passions. Music and writing. I’ve always wanted to combine these two passions. I’d absolutely love to be a music journalist, or a writer for a music magazine, a contributor, anything. A dream of mine would be to work for Rolling Stone. It seems like a silly dream, like still wanting to be a rock star, but really, I would love to have a career that combines my love of music with my fondness of writing. I guess I’ll have to keep writing and writing and hoping I can get my foot in the door somehow. Anyone here have any good connections? Send ’em my way :).

Okay well I don’t have anything else wholesome that I really want to talk about so I’ll wrap this up.


The good life..

Posted in Uncategorized by Tom on March 22, 2010
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yo, blog! Yeah I haven’t blogged about much lately. I’ve been super busy working on my book. I’ve been story boarding and brainstorming like crazy and so many new ideas have been coming at me. It’s pretty exciting. I look forward to getting it finished, which will hopefully be soon. We’ll see how the rest of the semester plays out.

I feel like I comment a lot on the weather but here it comes again.. ahem. Seriously, weather, seriously!? It was 70+ plus degrees on saturday and absolutely gorgeous. Sunday was okay… wet, a little cooler, whatever. I wake up today and it’s freezing cold and SNOWING! Why? Spring needs to stay here now, it’s almost april. Jeez. I’m over this coldness.

On a happier note, I’ve started dating again. Yay! My friend introduced me to this girl who is just… awesome, for many many reasons. We hit it off right from the get go. We’ll see how it works out, but I have a good feeling. I don’t write a lot about mushy lovey dovey stuff so I’ll leave it at that. I am pretty excited though :).

What else? I dunno. My urge to get back in a band has been itching lately.. a lot. I miss my band, I miss jamming with other people and rocking out. I’m still a rock star at heart, what can I say? I’d love to just go on the road, play gigs, have fun, live the rock n roll life. For realz.

Spring and summer are coming up pretty soon and I’m hoping I get to go on a couple decent road trips this year. I really wanna get up to CT to go see my homies again. Last year was just way too insanely awesome. I also wanna road trip to TN, FL, and anywhere else I think of lol. Do you guys have any favourite/recommended road trip spots?

It’s not ironic, it’s obvious

Posted in Entertainment,Music by Tom on February 22, 2010
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Man. So. I have to say, while this week is definitely as stressful as I knew it would be, I haven’t been that stressed yet. Keyword: yet. I know I still have so much to get done but I’m surprisingly chill about it. I don’t know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. We shall see in time, I suppose.

So it turns out I have to write a paper in the coming week on the role the media takes as the scapegoat to everything. Whenever someone kills someone or does something socially unacceptable, everyone blames the music they listen to, the movies that are popular at the time, video games, and everything. While some of the time this may be the case, I refuse to believe the media is to blame as much as people argue. If you have a different opinion, that’s cool. You can comment me and express your opinion, tell me I’m wrong, whatever, but my opinion on this matter is set in stone and will never change. The media, specifically music, is an easy target and anyone can point their finger without any viable evidence. How about we start looking at people’s psychological and sociological health before attacking the music they listen to? I listen to everything, even Norwegian black metal. Yes, I know this genre actually does have some legit responsibility for violent acts and vandalism. I manage to listen to Norwegian black metal bands, though, and still go to church on Sunday morning without having any ounce of desire to burn it down. You may say that’s hypocritical, but I may say you’re wrong. Just because somebody listens to whatever genre of music, that doesn’t mean anything. What about all these pop songs about people in love with broken hearts? Should we start dehumanizing pop stars for leading heartbroken kids to suicide? If somebody has a pre-existing condition and claims the music made them do it then okay, I can meet you half way there but don’t just lash out at the closest, easiest thing you can. My argument probably isn’t as strong here as it was when I first started this entry but that’s because I’m distracted and way tired. It’s food for thought, nonetheless.

That’s all I have for now so, bye.